Library FAQs

What time is the library open?

The library is open from 7am – 4:30pm Monday thru Friday.

When can students use the library?

The library is open to all students whenever they are not in class.  Students do not need a pass to come to the library.

How many computers does the library have, and what are the guidelines for their use?

The library has about 45 desktop computers and 14 laptops for student use.  No internet filters are used at UHigh, but students are expected to follow internet use guidelines set out in the internet use agreement they sign.  Students may use library computers for homework or for recreational use, but use of social networking site and games are discouraged.

What are the library’s check out policies for books?

The UHigh library checks out books for 4 weeks, and students may renew the material one time, for a additional 4 weeks, if needed.  We ask that students have their IDs to check otu books, but we do not require it.  Students may check out as many books as they like at one time, and late fees are not charged.  However, if a student fails to return a book, the book will be assumed to be lost & the student will be billed for a replacement copy.  If the student returns the book, the replacement charge will be cleared, but students may still be charged a $5 processing fee.

Can UHigh students use Milner Library?

Yes!  All UHigh students enjoy the same library priviledges as ISU students.  UHigh students may check out books at Milner library and use all Milner library’s databases, both from school and from home.  Milner requires that all students present their ID when checking out materails, and a ULID is required to access databases from home.

Can ISU students check out books from UHigh’s library?

Yes.  We offer all our materials to ISU students.  Students must come to UHigh to check out the book, and present their valid ISU ID. 

Can UHigh students get materials from other libraries, if UHigh & Milner don’t have them?

Yes.  We offer interlibrary loan service to all our students and can borrow books from a large number of Illinois’s universities, colleges, public and school libraries.  ILL requests must be made through the library staff.  There is no charge for the service as long as the books are returned on time.  If the books are late or lost, the student must pay the fees as requested by the lending library.


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